19 June 2012

BarkBox Review

Last month one of the coupon/deal sites offered a 3 month subscription for BarkBox and I bought it thinking that even if there was only one product that I ended up using then at least part of the proceeds went for a good cause (10% to a local animal shelter or rescue) and I could donate whatever I (or rather Elsie, lol) didn't use to my local rescue.  The first box arrived on the same day I flew out so I forgot to photograph the contents before unwrapping everything and doling out some of the treats to Elsie but I received the second today, and it's quite interesting.

The thing in the front is a soggy paws towel from farfetched and is going to come in so handy!! It's going into my pickup for cleaning up Elsie after our trails runs, there are two pouches on either end for your hands so that you can clean/dry around paws more easily. I just checked the site and there are no retailers in Arkansas  for this so I'm even more pleased I got this today.  

There was also a gimme gummy treat holder/chew toy, a Cool Treats smoothie, a freeze-dried (????) dinner by Stella & Chewy's and a packet of Tumbleweed & Eddie's double nut super boost treats.  So far we've only tried out the last, Elsie wholehearted approves of them and TWBrit said something about wanting to eat one (bit appropos, eh? lol) when I showed him what I'd received from BarkBox.  The ingredients are quite simple: oat flour, ground peanuts, quinoa, flax, and coconut oil and they look like tiny gingersnap cookies.  Hmmmm, I might be after sampling those too after reading that.  

I don't get any kind of referral bonus if any of the links are clicked, was just sharing what I think is kind of a cool program that's giving me exposure to some products that I normally wouldn't know about.  

More, please!

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