20 June 2012

A PR at last!

PR for those who don't know is personal record, or if you're European, it's known as a PB--personal best.  PB just makes me think of peanut butter though which makes me hungry which doesn't do well for losing weight. Enough which(es)?  Arrrgggghhhh, now I have a Which Wich craving.........Right, where was I? Lol, I'm sure most people have quit reading by now in aggravation.

 So yeah, a personal record was finally attained this year even if it was in a distance that I haven't formally raced in prior to this year, the MILE! Or in this case the Go!Mile.  For the Women Can Run clinic we had 3 timed miles, my best being a 6:56 so Saturday I was hoping to get under 7 minutes again.  Obviously I managed to bust that 7 minute mark again, this time with a 6:43!!!!! Can you tell I'm happy?  A huge thank you goes out to Brenda, Vicki, and Ginny for all the quality training and advice I received from/with them this year so far. No way would I have gotten this pr without them.

Elsie in the corner checking out my sweaty towel and cute t-shirt

And the Go!Running Go!Mile race is a must-do! It's gonna hurt but it's over quickly. Very well organized (except for the one delayed starting gunshot, lol), loved the separate heats and being able to cheer on my friends.  Watermelon after a race is divine and the towel at the finish line was very welcome to mop away the sweat.  I think most of my fellow running club members had pr's or close to it and our women's team took 2nd in the state RRCA Grand Prix points, woot!  Congrats to all :-).  

Love the Brooks Running Green Silence, those are my speedy shoes

I normally won't post pics of when I'm racing because quite frankly I look absolutely horrid when I'm pushing that hard.  I'm swallowing my pride on this one because I love my form on this shot (thanks Arland!) and how me and the woman in the green shoes are almost exactly in the same pose. Looking back through the photos, we were pretty much synchronized through the series, at least at the halfway point of the race.  Too bad I couldn't have kept that up, she finished 10 seconds ahead of me.  

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