24 August 2014

Products and the expat

This time last year I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to live in the UK at all with the visa nightmare that drug on for so long but I was still creating a small stockpile of my tried and true products that I either wouldn't be able to get at all once I moved, at least not without begging friends and family to send replacements or paying exorbitant customs fees.  As I've begun to slowly empty out the bottles and tubes of those products I decided that instead of pining away for what I had on the other side of the pond I would find equivalent potions here.  However because of space restrictions and of course needing to watch the £££ outflow I couldn't fall back into my hoarding ways. If I bought something then it had to be used up or tossed immediately, preferably the former.  Fortunately my hair seems to thrive on the water here so I'm not having to use the 2 or 3 products required to tame my it in the states, I can get away with a good conditioner and a leave-in balm.

This is the current rotation 

Yes there are three conditioners there but the Tesco one is used for the days when I condish-wash rather than using shampoo.  The Garnier Ultimate Blends isn't exactly curly-girl friendly but it smells amazing and doesn't strip or coat my hair.  The Aussie Beach Mate conditioner is one I'm trying to finish up but I REALLY do not like the scent of it at all, to me it smells like bug repellent spray.  The naked style gorgeous curls leave-in balm is okay but not exactly a holy grail, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I'm not sure what to replace it with once I've finished it off.  

The Along Came Betty Foaming Lovely face wash is the one I absolutely wish would be empty already.  Obviously I'm not a fan of it, I don't feel like it cleanses well and it broke me out terribly.  To top it off it has the blue coloured plastic micro-beads that are supposed to exfoliate and have been found to not break down and end up in the waterways.  Not cool.  I do still have a bottle of my preferred facial cleanser so can go back to it while I look for something different.  

The one thing I was tempted to give up and buy from Amazon has been Secret Clinical Strength deodorant/antiperspirant.  It is simply not available here for some reason but at least it's not as hot and humid as it is back in Arkansas so I can get away with not having the industrial armpit de-stinkifier--at least I hope I am ;-) 

It seems most expats bring back suitcases full of food but I think mine would be stuffed with running gear, deodorant, and hair products! 

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