27 August 2014

Words, oh so many words

It will probably be years before my British English versus American English differences of pronunciation, spelling, and meanings are exhausted but my does it result in some interesting conversations in the meantime.  I got caught out on the pants/trousers thing again earlier this week but thankfully it was in a messaging context as opposed to being out in a group of people--it's always good for a giggle though :-)

Today's Nordic Walking session resulted in another "Huh, what is that?" moment. Part of our after-walk stretching was "writing" out the alphabet using our feet (13 letters with one foot, the remainder on the other) and I joked that I was alternating block letters and cursive and was met with blank faces...in the UK it is called joined-up writing so they had no idea what I was talking about.  It was decided that cursive is a more elegant way of describing the script, score one for the American expat! 

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