29 August 2014

Wollaton Hall and Park

There was a brief glorious return to summer-like temps yesterday...sadly today is back to being chilly and drizzly but we took advantage of Sol's visit and I played hooky from the Thursday night club run with a short road trip over to Wayne Manor*, aka Wollaton Hall.  

From our December 2013 visit

Because it was a spur of the moment trip we didn't bother with packing the big camera, it was just us and the mutts. I think there was a bit of regret with the no camera decision because some of the deer in the park were striking quite impressive poses.  It was so blissful and relaxing strolling about the grounds and the park and we only covered about half of it.  

Sneaky phone pic :-)

We've yet to visit the Industrial Museum, Natural History Museum, or the interior of the Secret Garden but we need to save something for another visit without the mutts along.  One thing the UK does exceedingly well are war memorials and you will see ones honouring other countries' contributions in various locales--the one  below can be found on the grounds of Wollaton Park.  

US war memorial

*Wollaton Hall was the exterior of Wayne Manor in "The Dark Knight Rises"

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