02 September 2014

Getting around

If you haven't noticed I'm a bit obsessed with fitness, at some point I would love to make it a full time career but right now it's a part time gig.  Due to this passion I try to stay up to date with what's going on especially if it's anything to do with running or walking--speaking of running, I'm still looking for that person who will pay me to run so if you know of anyone, hook a girl up please, lol.  I find myself in the very fortunate position of now living in a country where you can walk or cycle almost everywhere and I'm trying my best to not take that for granted.  This blog post on the Huffington Post site reminded me of the lack of pedestrian/cyclist infrastructure back in the States.

Many communities are working to change, the problem is trying to convince the general public that the funds should be allocated for these changes...not an easy task.  However more people are starting to realise that quality of life is more than the large house and multiple cars and that they should start looking after their physical health which in turn helps with the mental well-being and so on.  The even better news is that it doesn't require hours in the gym and a study shows that walking a mile a day can cut cancer deaths by 40% (article courtesy of Countryfile Magazine, Walking for Health, Macmillan Cancer Support, and the Ramblers).  Cool stuff, eh?

So get out, take the dogs for a walk, use the time to find out what your kids did in school, chat with friends, re-connect with your partner, or just use the time to meditate (or plot how to takeover the world) but get out and move whenever and wherever possible.

Ok preachy stuff over with (come on, I know that's what some of you were thinking and rolling your eyes about) I'm off to get ready for tonight's club handicap run. Hopefully there will not be any getting lost on the course by moi again.

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