10 September 2014

More of the tyre

We were being a bit silly yesterday evening before I left for the Tuesday night club run so combined the running outfit of the day pics with "admiring" the new tyre--which needs a name by the way, any suggestions? My theory on naming things is that if it causes some discomfort then it needs to have a name you can intersperse amongst the cursing...for example, my foam roller is called Sven.

I seem to have developed a halo...

Speaking of running gear, how cool is my Ink n Burn top???  My partner bought it for me right after they were released but somehow managed to omit the American flag version of the top from the order, one of my running club mates said it was because he was staking his claim, lol. I do love INB's run or die themed gear mostly because of the skulls--yeah, it's a weird thing I have. 

The shorts are from Brooks, another style that is no longer available, the Versatile 3.5" woven shorts, but they are comfy and flattering with a wide waistband (no muffin top!). My only complaint about them is that there is no usable key pocket but the two front pockets on the outside are useful for things like tissue which comes in very handy when a tiny bug flies up your nose* (that may have happened on last night's run). 

Umm, did I remember my deodorant? 

Told you we were being silly, but ignore my "sniff test" pose for a moment and check out the sky in the background, it's gorgeous. Oh, please ignore the overgrown hedge as well, we need to do some gardening but I am sort of lazy when it comes to that, besides there are blackberries in there. We wouldn't want to chop them down before they are done producing (my excuse anyhow).  

Obligatory mutts pic

Last night I opted for the easy run option because I noticed during Nordic Walking class that my quads were still sore from Sunday's 10k so I guess I pushed harder than I realized.  Kind of removes the sting from putting my last 5k pace into the McMillan running calculator and being told that the 10k should have been 48:28, ouch.  

*The real question is did the bug fly up my nose or did it get hoovered in forcefully due to the fact I was breathing so heavily after an impromptu fartlek around the lake...

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