07 April 2015

Expat food cravings

No matter how well adjusted expats become to the food available in their current country of abode there are always a few cravings from back home (usually unhealthy) that just can't be ignored. Mine is mostly of the Tex-Mex variety but I do have to confess that one of the others is the packaged instant ramen noodles...yes, I know you don't get much more unhealthy than those but adding a handful of kale and not using the flavouring pack lessens the evil somewhat (right???).  After a bit of snooping around the local shops I have discovered that I can at least fulfil that particular urge.

After extensive research (hey, someone has to do it!) I've narrowed it down to these two options from Tesco and Aldi (in other words those two shops are the ones closest to me). The Aldi version is 100g for 18p, Tesco is 65g for 20p--I'm sure you can guess which one I buy most often! Ostensibly the former is 2 servings per packet but does anyone really believe that? That ranks up there with the suggested serving size of cereals.  With that settled, recommendations for GOOD Mexican or Tex-Mex in England would be very much appreciated!

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