03 April 2015

Holy Hotspot Hell

If I listened to music when I ran this would have been today's theme song for the last 5 miles

Today's run certainly did not go to plan. I was initially thinking that I would try and get in a 20 miler by running from mine to meet up with a couple of other friends for a 13-15 miler and then back but last night's designated driver's duties went a little later than I thought. Pair that with a very dodgy platter of nachos for after run re-fueling and things are going to go wrong! Upset stomach and over-sleeping meant that I ended up driving to the meeting place so 6 miles out the window there. Then at 8.5 miles I started getting a major hot spot on the bottom of my left foot--the insoles in the trainers I was wearing had started slipping about so I'd removed them 2 weeks ago but hadn't ran further than 7 miles in them since. Apparently anything over that is a no-go! Running hurt but walking hurt even more. Hey-ho, live and learn, that's what training runs are for is to find problems like this.

Of Runsound Mind

If you're on facebook please give Of Runsound Mind a like please, there's also a twitter account but as of right now it's just cross-posting the facebook stuff.  Thanks and I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend celebrating Easter in your preferred way and that you have a much better long run than I did today! 

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