02 January 2010

2010 Off and Running

So I started the New Year off right!! Went to a party at a friend's house that was close enough to walk to and from so James & I were both able to have some alcoholic libations :). No having to worry about who was going to be a designated driver, yay!!
Great time was had and this is the first time I was up and awake to see the new year in for ages.....

We left out around 0130 so it was a bit after 0200 before I was in bed.......The problem was that I had to be back up at 0600 to get ready to meet at Cabot for our club New Year's Day Run at 8 am. eeep.........

Had a great run though, I ended up with 5.8 miles and so enjoyed getting to talk with my friends in person. I have missed that immensely. Sometimes I wish we could move to Cabot but then I'd be away from my cycling friends :(. And I really do enjoy living in Searcy.

After a bit of breakfast, the night prior finally caught up to me and I ended up going back to bed for another couple of hours sleep. Needed to be prepared for Kelownagurl's 100km trainer ride challenge, lol

Oh the challenge.........James asked me afterwards didn't I know better than to accept a challenge from a Canadian? LMAO!!!!! Except for a couple of trainer sessions, I have not been on a road bike since the first weekend or so of September. And I forgot the chamois butter for the first half of the ride. Yep, I have some welps today on my ass......will not make the mistake again, OUCH..

I was very, very slow by the way :(. Excuses--yeah, I have excuses, lol!! I did run that morning, I was still a bit hungover, and I had dental surgery earlier in the week. So that's my story about why it took me almost 5 hours to ride 62 miles on the trainer :). Oh and I forgot to clear out all my screens on the bike computer so the time does include the eleven miler from September. Yeah, the last road bike ride was only 11 miles.

Advantages to riding the trainer--you can lay your head on your arms when it's unbearable and still keep spinning, you can tweet......umm that's about it.

Disadvantages to riding the trainer--it's hellaciously boring!!!!!! I watched a couple of movies and that helped a bit but still.....No coasting and no downhills to rest. You either spin or you don't get any mileage in.

Afterwards, I pretty much collapsed on the couch to watch the Star Trek 2009 movie. Oh, can't rave about it enough, it's a must see, even for non sci-fi fans. C'mon who didn't watch the original Star Trek series in the endless re-runs when when you were kids? I am going to buy the dvd now because it's a definite re-watch :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gabby, That sounds like a punishing training session.

I couldn't tell ya what millage i do (Because computer sensor is on front wheel!!)

But i'd do 25-35mins, once or twice a week and that's enough for me!!


gabsatrucker said...

Yeah, the trainer to me is just incredibly mind-numbingly tedious!!!! My computer is one that measures cadence as well as mileage so it was already on the rear wheel--no switching it about :).

45 minutes is max that I can normally tolerate on the blasted thing so I'm usually in the 25-30 minute range myself


The Wondering Brit said...
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The Wondering Brit said...

Bah bloody humbug.... oh fitness this, cycle that, and run the other...


Do you want me to sort out your post by the way? I see what you mean now...

gabsatrucker said...

nah, it is what is at this point- tired of messing
with it.

Stuart said...

Great job in getting it done! Don't think of yourself as slow, think of it as 'extra' training!

Runnrgrrl said...

Happy New Year! what a great way to start the year - ass welts... sorry no i'm not laughing because i've nver even tried to ride a century much less on a trainer! well done. tough chick!

gabsatrucker said...

Stuart, LOL!!! I do think I have the tension set a bit high on my trainer, but yeah, I like the "extra" training outlook. :)

Runnrgrrl, it's ok to laugh!!! It's no fun if you can't chuckle about this stuff.