17 January 2010


So yeah, I need to htfu & get back into gear with my life.  Made a bit of progress with it this week, although it's been a struggle and I haven't picked up the guitar to practice in 2 weeks. That's going to change with the next one though.  As a friend pointed out I need to quit moping around and just do something, lol......

Work week was ok, nothing spectacularly bad to write home about thankfully. No major trailer issues, a couple of run of the mill traffic jams, just the same old-same old.  The only weird thing was one of my co-workers sitting in his truck blowing his air horn at me and yelling out the window for me to come over to his truck before dawn. Not ever, ever going to happen, I don't care if we do work for the same company and it was on our Laredo drop yard. I am not walking over to some strange guy's truck........If he wants to talk, he can get his lazy ass out of the truck and walk over to where I'm standing with the security guard. 

Oh!!! It was warmer!! About darn time, our temps were running approx. 30F below normal, brrrr.  Even with the warmer temps there was still ice in shaded areas though on Thursday, very unusual for us in central Arkansas.

I seem to have a bit of a streak going with my workouts, the 6th has been the only day that I haven't done any kind of workout so far this month. Let's see if I can keep it going :)

1.08 mile walk with Elsie & core--SPS Trifecta (63 pushups, 112 situps, 89 squats)

4.21 mile run in 38:54. Hills!!!

4.39 miles in 39:09. 10 mph winds. New route for me at Salado, TX. Not a good one, too many dogs (I was almost bit by a small one) and the motorists don't believe in giving you any room :(

Core--74 Pushups, 127 situps, 103 squats

3.27 miles at home in 28:43. Very tired

Core--87 pushups, 141 situps, 112 squats

10.02 run in 1:36:30. Tired, my socks wouldn't stay up so took them off after 2 miles. Roads & trails were wet so I now have blisters on my right foot. Stomach issues = 2 bathroom stops. 9 mph wind gusts. One of those runs where you just survive it, lol.

Finally remembered to make an appt to have my hair trimmed Friday and while I was there asked my stylist to straighten it for a change. Top pic shows the color I put in Saturday before last and bottom pic shows how long my hair is getting :). It's going to be tough the next few months in the growing out process because it's the length I absolutely detest.....Like my stylist said this is the point where my hair goes out instead of down, lol. Curly hair is funny that way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gab :) Tanker Yanker

gabsatrucker said...

Hi TY! Thanks for dropping by the blog :)


Stuart said...

Nice solid week of training in the bank!

Eric said...

Nice hair! :-)