10 January 2010


I have found myself in a funk that I just can't seem to shake this year.......Not sure if it's the weather, the impending 41st birthday, just general mid-winter blues or a combination of it all.  No enthusiasism for anything including running, although once I get my rear out the door I feel great & thoroughly enjoy it. It's just the process of trying to get moving that seems to be the problem.  On the other hand most of my other friends, online and in real life, seem to be enjoying phenomenally good moods.  Leave it to me to have to do the exact opposite of everybody else, LOL.

Work-related news--our new CEO seems to think moving away from a major customer is the best direction for the company to go and quite a few of my co-workers are cheering that decision.  All I can think is "dumb-asses". Do they not realize that the if the 20-25% of us that are pulling dedicated loads for this major customer is thrown into the mix of the otr drivers that their miles will continue to decrease?  Specializing may lead to occasional slumps but competing for the same general freight loads as every other company out there is not a good thing either.  There needs to be a mix of the two if it's a larger company like the one I work for.  Sigh, but what do I know? After all, I'm JUST A DRIVER.  Never mind that it's by choice and that if I truly wanted a desk job I could have one. I'm not limited by a lack of education, just a lack of interest in office politics.

My truck still has the warn engine light on, it actually came back on within 25 miles of leaving the International dealership, sigh......seems to be running ok, although a bit less power than what it had before leaving it there. They still need to figure out what the problem is though before this turns into something big.  Took my truck in Friday morning to have the steer tires balanced--for some reason the powers-that-be decided that Frank couldn't have the tire supplier balance the tires before putting them on trucks, geez--and they found a small bent place on the inside of the left rim.  This would have never been an issue if they'd let Frank do his job properly.  Anyhoo, I should have new steer tires again when I leave out tonight.

This brings me to another work-related issue, I love, love, love the fact that the shop foreman we have now at my home terminal listens to ME, instead of staring at my boobs (or lack thereof, lol) and necessitating James having to tell them what I need to have done to MY truck. 

Good news is that my mouth finally went from downright hurting to aching to yay my jaw doesn't hurt on the 11th day after the gingival graft.  Dreading the next round of that this coming spring since he will do the remainder all at once.  We just did the one before Christmas because my dental insurance was almost maxed out for the year.

Weekly workout recap
Monday--Core workout (SPS Trifecta)

Tuesday--1.25 mile hike up the Pulaski, TN water tower hill (near the end of which I slipped on some ice and fell in a creek. Temperature was 11F, not a good thing, LOL
3.06 mile run at Gadsden, AL in 26:48--bit of spare time before 2nd pickup

Wednesday--rest (very long driving day though)

Thursday--5.07 miles in 45:29 at Pearsall, TX. chilly and very, very windy. 13 mph winds with gusts up to 28mph.

Friday--Core (SPS Trifecta)

Saturday--spin on the trainer. 8.17 miles in 35:17. 10 minutes easy, 20 hard, 5 minutes cooldown

Sunday--9.17 mile run in 1:24:11 at home. 20f when I left out midmorning. The bicycle trail still had snow and ice in spots and judging from the shoe prints, there had only been 3-4 of us out there since last Wednesday night (when the snow fell).  Today I met one of the Kenyan runners from Harding, he was the same one I saw last Sunday too.  We seemed to have been the lone rangers for running outside today, lol.

Running mileage is still just under 20 miles a week although that should change with the coming one :). It's been a bit disenheartening to be doing less miles in the whole month than what I did in a week's time this past fall.

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The Wondering Brit said...

I would like to say you're suffering from, well..... You!
However, what you're suffering from is the normal New Years blues!
This is the one time of year we tend to ask ourselves subconsciously deeper questions and more commonly - Not coming up with the answers.
Frustrations abound and everyone seems to be achieving far more than you, furthermore it almost seems that no matter how little someone else does does something either slightly better or what appears to you as a little more interesting, it actually takes a great chunk out of you.

It's normal, it's said with care - now stop bloody whinging!

:) x