31 January 2010

dull, dull, dull

Just a quick update to let anybody who reads the blog know I'm alive, lol. Not much to say 'cause I'm just not in the mood to blog. However, I did find out the cause this morning of my ever so constant companion of jaw achiness.

This little baby right here was left in after my jaw surgery last month & had been slowly working its way out. yuck, gross, ewww. But now hopefully I will be in a better mood within a few days.

Ankle update--still a bit swollen but I have no problems walking. It's a kind of stiff but I've been stretching it as much as possible & hope to resume running sometime this week.  Here's what it looked like last Monday.

We did get snow & I made my first ever snowman--don't laugh!!! well maybe just a little, lol


Stuart said...

Ouch! Well the brusing means it's getting better.

I had a stitch have to work out from nasal surgery it took months and then one day I sneezed...I spare you the rest!

gabsatrucker said...

ouch, ouch, ouch....I can only imagine what that
was like having a stitch work out after nasal surgery.
My eyes are watering just thinking about it.