24 October 2010

my week in technicolor (somewhat)

Cool car, I40 Crowley's Ridge, AR

I wanna go play too!!! I65 TN

 An accident ahead?

Nope, just broke down in the middle of the intersection. Lewisburg, TN

In the crosshairs, I65, Tennessee

Slight delay in Jackson, TN on I40.  Some idiot threw their cigarette butt out the window, grrr

I40, Mississippi river bridge, earthquake reinforcement construction

I30 near Mabelvale, AR......cluster due to the incredibly inane left lane restrictions. 


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Thank you very much for your wonderful

Terri said...

Great pictures! Now i know what it looks like from up on high. You guys must laugh when you see people like me driving along in my little Civic.

I can't take a pic and drive at the same time though - I'd kill someone accidentally! :-)