03 October 2010

other photos

 Middle Tennessee scenery

Approaching the sinkhole on Hwy 46 in Tennessee going southbound

The sinkhole going northbound

Detour around the bridge damage on Hwy 46 near unincorporated Santa Fe Springs

Detour around Santa Fe Springs on a different day.  There's one sharp turn where the bumper of your truck drags the ground.  Very pretty road though

My hair in it's natural state, albeit better behaved than usual

LMAO!  Lola the truck is in the background

My usual work wear, soooo attractive.........Or not, lol

Austin, TX in the rain at rush hour

This guy was using his tanker as a giant tanning reflector. He'd stand that way for a few minutes then switch sides

Awesome place to eat at Canton, TX

Pic of my abs this morning.  Still a pudgy belly but there's definition showing in the upper part!!! That's not even a sucked in belly there.  2 weeks of the facebook ab challenge and results already, yay!!!

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The Wondering Brit said...

"the sinkhole on Hwy 46 in Tennessee going southbound"

So.... this sinkhole.
Just how fast was it going? anyone chasing it?