31 October 2010

Right, an update then

Last week started off a bit stressful, Sunday there were a lot of storms moving through the central Arkansas/Tennessee area........High winds, heavy rains, usual fall weather for the area but still doesn't make dodging the cars any easier.  There was one that spun out and hit a wall, and blocked off 2.5 lanes just a few seconds ahead of me as I was entering the Nashville area, sigh.......

Then there was a huge twitter rant that I went on about one of our company drivers on Tuesday night.  Actually there were two of the drivers that hadn't been into Penske before, the first one was great.  He parked at the stop signs in the drive like you're supposed to then walked his paperwork up to the security guard to find out the proper checking in procedure.  Very polite and professional.  Then while I and another driver were getting checked in and the trailers inspected the obnoxious driver shows up.  He stops at the stop signs but instead of staying there and walking up or asking how it works there, he then goes on to pull up behind the 2 of us already there and blocks off the entire drive so that those who don't have to get inspected can't get through.  Guard asks him politely to back up and the guy half-ass does so, still blocking off most of the drive then proceeds to curse out the guard.  Security then tells him he'll have to come back in the morning with acting that way and the jerk comes up to me ranting and raving about how he's calling dispatch and this is b.s., blah, blah, blah.  No sympathy from me, he was a jackass and they totally should have asked him to leave.  This crap makes the rest of us look bad.

Tuesday night was just cruddy all the way around.......the stupid driver, I put a 1.5" welt on my arm by catching it on the sharp corner of my truck door, Elsie threw up on the bed, oh, here I am blah, blah, blahing. enough of that!  I did threaten to go hug the first truck driver or border patrol agent I could find though, lol.

Yuck dirty windshield, but cool Landy that I saw when I was leaving out this week at Jacksonville.

I think it's safe to say my running mojo has returned.  Monday found me getting up before my driving day started and tackling some hills on a road I'd never ran on before at Columbia, TN.  Absolutely beautiful and the weather was gorgeous. Cool and overcast, near perfect. I was even sorta fast considering the hills :-).  4.01 miles in 37:12.

Wednesday, I waited until we got to Von Ormy to run around the industrial park just west of the Love's.  I say we because James went out and ran with me.  We ended up talking about my hating running back over the summer when I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon (which is today, btw) and he said most of my running issues probably stemmed from our problems and now that we were reaching a resolution that's why things were better with my workouts. Insightful man.  4.31 miles in 45:19.

Thursday........lots of stuff around the house done but still tons more to do :-(.  And I was incredibly moody and grouchy.

Friday--5.05 miles in 46:52. Cold!!!!!!!!! My knees ached afterwards when they thawed out. Great run though.  Took some more stuff to the consignment store, all the crap I had hanging in there that didn't fit or I bought for who the hell knows why.  Did my civic duty and voted. Ate sushi & sashimi  :). Just a good day.

Saturday--cycling ride that went horribly :-(.  Well the first 33-34 miles were ok but after that the 2 week layoff and high winds took their toll, grrr. 56 miles in 3:42.  It was another cold morning, brrrr.  Wasn't quite sure how to dress but knew not to bundle up too much.  Wore a long sleeve tech shirt, the HHH jersey, and armwarmers up top, with a bandana around my neck, then just shorts and the Arky 100 socks that were a bit taller. Just wished I'd had knee warmers but after 10 miles I was good to go.  Everybody else overlayered, lol.

Afterwards, I stopped by one of my training partners house and evidently I looked kinda rough because his wife was offering to drive me the 2 miles home that I had left, lol.  It was slow going but I made it :), then got here and bitched about how awful the ride was for entirely too long.  Yes there was an ice bath, followed up by a 10 minute hot shower.  My legs and butt are incredibly sore today though :(.  Treated myself to an avocado salad and more sushi though!  Oh and mint Three Musketeers mini candy bars, yeah too many of them.

Sunday (today)--yesterday I ended up dozing off early then waking up and staying that way until nearly 4am.  Which would have been ok, but I can't stay asleep past 0800 usually, today I was awake at 0730.......so decided that I needed to run.....but was having a hard time finding any of my gear, lol.  Or even my coordination. Or a brain.......yeah took me a bit.  But my socks matched at least, unlike last weekend.  Although I did walk out the door in a short sleeve shirt and immediately turned back for a long sleeve one which ended up being a cycling jacket because I couldn't find a matching long sleeve tech shirt that wasn't packed away.  Got in 4.25 miles in 42:47, recovery run from yesterday.  Didn't I already mention I was sore, lol.

Almost ready!  This pic is very indicative of how long the process was to get ready this morning, lol

On the trail.  And I even coordinate :), just a mish mash of brands.

 The Trapiche Oak Case Malbec is my favorite, followed by the Alamos, both inexpensive too which is very nice.  The Pascual Toso, however, HORRIBLE!  3 sips and I poured it down the drain.

This porter was good though.  My favorite is still the java porter draft from the Hog Haus at Fayetteville.

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