25 February 2012

My week

Spring is arriving in the mid-south area and the allergies are making their ubiquitous return along with it.  I'm sniffing and sneezing, Elsie is back to trying to gnaw her paws off, while I'm happy to see some color return to the landscape I'm not necessarily ready for the warmer weather.  I don't want any gloomy, rainy days but some crisp, sunny ones with a touch of briskness would be nice instead of plunging headlong into the 80F temps already.

In other news, I seemed to have turned another year older this past week.  Too bad it wasn't a milestone birthday that would have moved me up an age-group, lol.  I took it particularly hard this year, not the fact that I'm aging but more the loss of family members in the past year.  Coming down off the major endorphin rush of last weekend's race also exacerbated my moodiness. Note to self, don't do that again anytime soon.

Elsie and I have a new, short-term housemate in the form of Tessa, a rescue dog I'm fostering.  She's a miniature schnauzer mix that was dumped in a near-by WMA (wildlife management area) and oh, is she ever a cutie.  I think she will also make a good runner, they both kept pulling me along on our walk yesterday evening on the one mile loop so we slowly jogged the last .25 mile back.

Thanks to last week's back-to-back races, I managed to qualify for Half Fanatic status, I am now Half-Fanatic #1946 :-).  I've been wanting to qualify for quite some time but never could get up the momentum to do it so once I finally did, you bet your sweet bottom I immediately sent my info in to join, lol.  

It may not get near the publicity that the Marathon Maniacs do but you gotta admit it's still pretty darn cool and I'm 99% sure that I will never run another marathon so not a chance in Hades of qualifying for that.  

This week of running has been somewhat curtailed due to me taking off until Thursday morning to let my ankle heal up.  I have managed to get some trainer time in as well as some decent core workouts although I might have upped the intensity a bit too much yesterday.  My back was extremely stiff during this morning's 10 mile run but hey, needed to ramp up the workouts at some point, eh?  

Got Veggies?

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