19 February 2012

Sylamore 25k

I adore trails. What more can be said? Not sure I'm up to a full-blown race report tonight but I am a very happy albeit very sore runner tonight.  Oh and I get to get up even earlier in the morning and head for Texarkana to run a half marathon on the road. Don't think I'm gonna enjoy it near as much because I'm nursing some achy muscles tonight.

So in the interest of trying to go to bed early, I'm only putting up a few pics & stats tonight.

Out and back course

My garmin charts 

The splits

Watching the 50k runners head out

Amazing house on the hill

I'm a finisher :-)

There will be a longer post tomorrow night or on Monday with waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more details and a bit of a brag and nag about trail etiquette.  My tired arse is off to bed. Hope everyone's weekend runs/workouts have rocked.

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