07 February 2012

Things that leave you stunned

Very articulate and humorous (with a very serious edge) rebuttal video response to a woman who chose to put her ranting about Laredo out over the interwebs via youtube.  Apparently she's since taken her vid down but hey, in this age nothing ever truly disappears.

Yes, Laredo does have a crime problem but as a "minority" (and female), I've gotta say that I always felt safer and more comfortable wandering about the city than I did staying at the truck stops north of town.  I always took a lot of flack for not being fearful but like all cities you have to use some common sense about where you go and how you carry yourself.  I even ran before dawn in several areas with absolutely no problem--again the common sense about where comes into play and always carrying pepper spray and/or a phone.  Is it wrong for me to be glad this woman is from Colorado instead of one of the southern states though?  

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