05 December 2012

PB vs PR

So I do a little bit of running here and there--you might have noticed from my sidebar that there's not much in the way of racing going on but I still like to get out and do a nice little speed workout occasionally to remind the legs how it feels to go fast (relatively speaking).  My training partner by the way is just a wee bit on the fast side--she was first overall female in a recent half marathon at a pace per mile that is faster than my 5k personal record--so when I do a specialized workout with her my goal is to at least try and keep her within sight (usually doesn't happen, lol).  Today ended up being a 1 mile full out after a warmup, recovery slog, then a half mile full out again............My personal record for the mile distance is 6:43, well today I managed to eke out a 6:35, not a record since it wasn't a race but most definitely a personal best.  Why yes, I was quite stoked to see that time, at least after I got my breathing back under control.  Even better was that I did a 3:10 half mile after the recovery slog (slow jog).  Yes, my friend's time were quite a bit faster but hey, a person has to have a "rabbit" right? Makes me wonder what I could do in a 5k right now.

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