19 December 2012

Where's the love for Android?

So there is a really cool app that I would like to download but apparently it's only for the *I* market.......come on creators, designers, and companies, there is more to the phone market than the iphone, give us android owners some love already.

Oh and the app in question that has sparked this grumbly post? The Stylebook app! Check it out, if they ever get around to making it available for my phone's operating system I am downloading it immediately.  While there sign up on the waiting list so hopefully they will get around to creating one much, much, much sooner. Huge thanks to the always well turned out and immensely talented author Gail Carriger via her Retro Rack blog for creating this want, nay NEED, for something I can't have.


Anonymous said...

I haven't commented, but I am reading your posts.

I'm so not an "i" person! Just picked up a Galaxy SIII and luvin' it. I'm an Android kind of girl.

Jason Kinney said...

Stylebook is a good app, mostly ladies will be liking it as it helps one to manage their outfits in a proper way making ones everyday life much easier as well as interesting. Good thing is that we can even plan it accordingly to the calendar.

gabsatrucker said...

ooooh, I am kind of in envy over the Galaxy! I'm with you in not commenting much, go through phases where I try to but the reader makes things too easy to skip doing so.

Shadow said...

I was always a BB user until they stopped caring and the phones just sucked switched to Vertu used the quest for years but just like RIM they stopping caring about there apps just picked up the S3 loving my android!!