02 December 2012

The Second Hand Pledge

This is such an awesomely cool idea from The Citizen Rosebud.  More and more of my wardrobe is consisting of vintage and second hand items (especially the leather garments) so this definitely fits in with my current lifestyle.  Even a favorite pair of boots was purchased at a vintage shop in the UK last fall.

How about you, will you take the shop second hand first pledge too?



Bella Q said...

HI Elsie! I just read your post- and your pledge- thank you so much for joining in- Do me a favor and leave your blog url in the comments of the pledge- I would like to post about those that are doing this, and that'll make it easier to do so.

If you are also over 40 years old, let me know- I've got a blogroll for us older fashionistas. xo. -Bella Q

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks, and I just left another comment with my blog link!