25 September 2008

Glad to be home

Whew, I'm glad this work week is over. Nothing major went wrong, just quite a few little things plus my period started Monday so had 2 days of feeling crampy and out of sorts. I think I was surprisingly uncranky though which is unusual for me when I have one of these weeks--James may disagree though, have to ask him when he calls next, LOL.

I'm not going to get into a drawn out post about all the idiot drivers but did have 2 near-misses going south through San Antonio Tuesday night. The first was a couple of suvs that decided to try and occupy the same lane simultaneously, both drivers realized it at the last moment and both did some jerking, swerving and swaying to get away from the other. So not only did they almost hit each other directly in front of me, they also almost flipped their vehicles trying to avoid it. The second incident involved a construction worker who pulled out in front of me. No warning, no turn signal, from a dead stop straight into the path of an 18-wheeler that's doing 60 mph. No brains. I had absolutely nowhere to go because there was traffic next to me. The only option was to get on the brakes and hope there was no one tailgating me. All that, just to pull back over into the construction lane 500 ft further up.

I think my running buddy on Crescent View Road got run over. She didn't come out to greet me Monday morning when I ran by her house and when I told James about it later, he said that he saw a large black and white dog dead in a ditch 2 weeks ago when he was out for his run/walk. So sad.........:-(

Ran 5.8 miles in Pulaski Monday. 4.5 by myself, the remainder was in the cow field with Elsie. Good run until just before mile 4, then had to hustle back to the plant because of tummy problems. My load was coming out late again so had time for a 2 hour nap afterwards.

Tuesday is normally a rest day but I decided to run at Prescott so that I wouldn't have to stop Wed. 3.45 miles. Excellent run but then had to wait forever for a shower.

My intention was to get home Wednesday night but there was a problem with my trailer tags so Penske wouldn't let me drop Tuesday night. Didn't get to leave Laredo until almost 0900 Wed. Seemed like I couldn't get anywhere this week on time.

Left my truck at the shop, the B service is due. Hopefully they'll get it done before Sunday. Very irritating when you show up ready to go and they're just getting around to pulling the truck into a work bay.

I was going to drive back down to Cabot this morning so I could run with a group but for some reason I had it in my head that the meeting time was 8:30 but when I re-checked the email for the location it was at 8:15. No time to get back down there, grrr, had it timed to tight. Can't believe I messed the time up. Anyway, went out for a very lonely 4.23 miles then went back for Elsie and ran (mostly!) for another 1.9 miles. My shins were feeling very stiff this morning but were okay after 2.5 miles. Took a long time to warm up for some reason.

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