06 September 2008


I've had to skip 2 of my scheduled workouts this week, yuck. After the 5k and the bicycle ride last Saturday my left butt cheek was a little sore. Didn't think much of it, figured that maybe I'd overdone it just a tad so just did a very easy short run Sunday morning then my scheduled long run on Monday. So far it was okay just a bit sorer than normal. Rested Tuesday then woke up Wednesday morning feeling great so decided to run despite Gustav. Well, I happened to be in Prescott, AR that morning and the route I run there is the frontage road between the two truck stops--it's highly visible, not much traffic on that section, and I have access to 2 bathrooms if the need arises. The only downside is that the shoulders have a steep cant and I was staying to the outside edge to keep away from the slick paint lines and as far away from the cars as possible due to the rain. Felt great (despite having to make a pitstop) and had a nice run but within 10 minutes of stopping my butt pain returned with a vengeance and decided to add in the lower back and hamstring as well. OUCH!!!!

Anyway, decided the smart thing to do would be to take an extra couple of days off and it seems to have worked. Everything feels ok today so I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the rest took care of it. As much as I hate having my schedule messed up I'd rather have that than another injury that will sideline me this year. I'm still running the Sara Low 5k in the morning so wish me luck please.

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