19 September 2008


I'm currently drooling over the Ford Flex, saw one last week in Austin, it looks like a Mini Cooper on steroids. However, starting price is over $28,000 and the fuel mileage isn't quite what I want for my next vehicle.

Didn't witness it, but a very bad accident happened 1 to 2 minutes ahead of me on I40 in Memphis Sunday night. A woman in a BMW roadster ran off the road, spun around, and hit another vehicle head on. Managed to get through there before they shut the interstate down but there were way too many people stopping to stare, yuck........What is the fascination with wanting to see blood?

Ran 3.3 miles Monday with Elsie in the cow fields at Pulaski.

It's actually getting cool enough to sleep with my truck turned off at night.

I've been very lucky with my trailers coming out of Mexico the past 2 months-no flats or lights missing. Probably jinxed myself now.

Testing a new mascara from Allure magazine-Chanel Mascara Volume Intense. LOVE high-end freebies!!!!!! Decent mascara, probably won't purchase though, I'm fairly loyal to M.A.C. because of their recycling program (6 empties gets you a free lippie!).

Took me 40+ minutes to go 7 miles in Austin, TX Tuesday. Had to spend most of it next to another truck driver that apparently has never seen a female trucker, ugh. Listened to Union Underground's "South Texas Deathride". Seemed appropriate somehow.

I adore my Nike "eat, sleep, run" t-shirt.

Ran 5.02 miles at Cotulla, visited the dead and now very dusty alligator.

McDonalds' has a surprisingly good, basic cup of coffee anymore.

Watched a Wayne Smith driver get the very last parking spot at the old fuel stop in Mt. Vernon last night as I pulled in at 8:16 p.m. Cursed my slow truck, LOL.

I miss Jason Newsted in Metallica. Not that there's anything wrong with Trujillo, I just really like Newsted.

Found these honey wheat cracker sticks at the dollar store in Kerens. Sounds weird but they are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! My new favorite snack.

There were only 3 people on the shower list at the Robinson Pilot yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. Usually there's 10-20 at that time of day.

Had my teeth cleaned today, the receptionist said she saw me running last Sunday and then the dental hygienist and I were talking about cycling. She said that I was really active and didn't look like I was 39. She also made a comment about me not looking like the truck drivers she knew. Hope not, since the majority of them are male, LOL!!!!!!!!

Rode my softie today!!! Need to give her a bath though. Just not fond of washing motorcycles.

Why is the weight not coming off around my waist? I am down to an A cup for crying out loud, I don't want to lose anymore from my upper body and my legs are okay. Just can't get rid of the belly fat (Sheesh, I sound like a Cortisol advertisement).

Gary and I went out for a 17.64 bicycle ride on Fairview Road. He was tired so we only went up the first big hill before turning back. I kept up with him today so he must have been wiped out.

Since the bicycle ride was cut short, I came home and changed into my running gear and ran approximately 2.3 miles (garmin was acting up so no accurate mileage or time). Bricks are very painful.................

Stupid XM radio programmers have pulled Fungus and replaced it with an AC/DC channel. WHY????????????????????? I want my punk channel back. NOW. There's nothing wrong with AC/DC in small amounts but all their stuff sounds exactly alike.

I need a shower.


Arland said...

I don't understand peoples thoughts on seeing the gory details but there is always several that want to. I had to politely ask a witness/bystander to move back out of the way the other night as we were doing extrication on a vehicle accident. The guy was just right up there in the work zone gawking and the police just let him stand there. Not a safe place to be when we are cutting because parts and glass tend to fly everywhere. I see a lot of secondary accidents from people just gawking. Its very dangerous for us as first responders. Just pay attention out there people and keep the traffic moving!

Susan said...

I watched footage of that accident on the news. Yikes!

I was planning on the River Trail whenever Annette says. She mayor may not be able to, and I have since learned that my hotel has 2 treadmills. BUT, of course, I'd much prefer to run with you!

Of course, I'm doing 16 minute miles. Could you stand it? Really it's be like we were just both there at the same time... is that OK?

Click the "e-mail me" button on my profile. I'll give you the 411 from there!

How very exciting!


P.S. Let's say it rains... you can come treadmill it with me!

Anonymous said...

the photo of us did not turn out waaahhh!! did you see that I am doing a group photo at 5:40 at Cooks next Tuesday not that is close

Kelownagirl said...

Love reading your train of thought. I don't know how you do - driving a truck. I could NOT do it...

Boob fat ALWAYS disappears faster than waist fat. Waist fat is the LAST thing to go, of it ever goes.

mrjwhit~ said...

Just read your bio and Susan's post about you. Guess I wouldn't expect you to be a trucker either. You said it right when you said none of us are 1 dimensional. Nice blog.