13 September 2008


I need to be cleaning my bicycle and packing for the 60+ mile ride tomorrow but I don't wanna.....I'm whiny right now, can you tell? Barely any running miles this week and James is pulling a second round so I'm by myself tonight. On the happy side, as of yesterday, my glute and hamstring pain went away, YAY!! That was the reason for my lower mileage, trying to take it easy so I didn't injure myself worse. I've also been stretching afterwards like I should have been doing all along. Don't know why I was neglecting it, guess it just didn't seem important. I know better now...........

Recap of the week--Monday has been my long run day but this past week I decided to put it off until Sunday (may not get it in now though since Hurricane Ike will be visiting Arkansas starting tomorrow afternoon.) I just took Elsie out for a somewhat easy run/walk. There are some nice paths through the fields behind the plant now so just let her run off the leash. Overall she did really well although I did go for longer than I initially planned and she got hot towards the end. I carried some water for her and she had it all drank before we finished. 3.43 miles in 44:02.

Tuesday--I woke up feeling great, slept very well Monday night (my last night of sleeping good though) and I really, really, REALLY wanted to go for a run. Didn't though because I was still having some achiness and I needed to get down to Laredo and get turned around because of another dentist appt. Thurs morning. Traffic was excellent through Austin and San Antonio and I even made it to our yard before nightfall. The only downside--Elsie has now come into season, she's going through the doggie version of a period. Yes, we're going to have her fixed, we even have an appointment in October to have it done but this snuck up on me. I thought we would have a couple of more months before we had to deal with this.

Wednesday--didn't sleep well, Elsie was restless because of not feeling well and we were parked near some railroad tracks. The trains were stressing her out even more than what she already was, poor baby. Yucky run, hot and humid and I was tired so only 3.07 miles in 30:23.

Did have one weird thing happen on my run Wed. morning. Part of the route I run at Cotulla, TX takes me near the Nueces River and there was a dead alligator on the side of the road at that section. It totally freaked me out, I literally jumped backwards and my heart felt like it skipped a few beats. If I hadn't been having such a lousy run, I would've went and got my camera so I could've took pics. Didn't think I had 2 more miles in me though because of the heat and needing to hurry home. I never realized there were alligators in that area, but just looked it up and yeah, the Texas parks and wildlife website is showing that there are American Alligators in that part of Texas. Scary!!!!! The dead one was between 5-6 feet long, not exactly small in my opinion.

Wednesday afternoon I got stuck behind a Kenco driver on Hwy 31 between Belle Mead and Dawson that I swear had her cell phone surgically attached to her ear. She wouldn't keep a steady speed, dropping down to 55-60 mph in 70 mph zones and evidently couldn't read any of the road signs. She wouldn't move over to the right lane in the passing zones and when she would see somebody pull up next to her or just ahead she would gas on it and not let people pass. We passed a county cop that was on the opposite side of the road talking to somebody and she slowed to 50 mph in a 70. Guess she had a guilty conscience. Personally I think she needs to invest in one of these newfangled things called a hands-free device (insert sarcastic tone here). Or a lobotomy, I'm good with either one.

Thursday--The splint on my front teeth is now gone, yay!! One of the teeth is still loose so I'm still having to be very careful while eating. I have a regular cleaning scheduled for next week but I made the appt for 1300 so I don't have to get up before the crack of dawn to make it home in time. Went for a 18 mile bicycle ride with Gary in the afternoon-hot, humid, hot, blech. James has been teaching me how to stand up and pedal to get an extra boost of power/speed for the past month and I turned that loose on Gary on one of the hills, ha-ha!! Actually beat him by a good bit.

James has started back on the couch to 5k program (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) this week so this morning I went out with him for a run/walk followed by a solo run. The run/walk was 2.28 miles in 36:35 and my run afterwards was 2.39 miles in 22:30. We had slept in and it was getting steamy before my run was done, had planned on 3-4 miles but wasn't motivated to do it by myself after having somebody to talk to in the beginning. The good news was that I had no pain or achiness on my left side today, that made me very happy.

What made me not so happy was having to drop James off so he could leave for TN. It looks like our schedules are going to remain 1 day apart for now--next week will be 2 days apart since he will have to wait until Wednesday to reload, yuck.

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