25 September 2008

Sunday meet-up with Susan

I haven't had time this week to post about my Sunday adventure. Susan had emailed me asking if I wanted to meet for a run/walk at the Rivertrail. Well, I was not going to refuse that invitation!! I had been looking forward to meeting her at one of the local races but thought it wasn't going to happen for a while because her and her husband had moved to Olive Branch, MS earlier in the year. If you don't read her blog (and why aren't you? Go right now!), she is a very talented, very dedicated, very gracious lady who is also gorgeous inside and out. Did I mention that she and her husband are also expecting their first child in February? I'm hoping for the 21st, cause that's my b-day ;-). She's currently training for the World Wide Half Marathon so was needing to get 11 miles in Sunday.

I was running a tad late Sunday--had to make an emergency bathroom stop on the way, yuck--so I was afraid that I wasn't going to make a good impression. Normally, I'm early for everything so it was frustrating me that I wasn't going to be on time. I also definitely lived up to my nickname, I talked her ear off for almost 4 hours. Sorry, next time I'll try to let you have a word in now and then, LOL!!! She is such a good listener, I need to take lessons from her on that.

The Davis brothers (Gary and Curtis) did make a stop to say hi to us. I'm not sure where those two come up with all that energy, but they need to bottle it up and share!! Super great guys... Actually Susan and I decided that the Cabot Cruisers is the best running club in the state because it has the nicest people.

We ended up with 11.77+ miles (our garmins were having trouble acquiring signals at the start) and it didn't seem like we'd been out there for that long. Well, maybe it did to Susan 'cause of my neverending chatter, LOL!! Beautiful weather, great company, and I loved seeing everybody out cycling, running, and walking.

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Susan said...

Awwwww! Thanks, G. It was a PLEASURE meeting and walking with you. And I mean it - next time you have time in Memphis, I'll meet you in a heartbeat!