08 September 2010

Not what I originally intended to write

Is there anything more irritating than writing a blog post then hitting the wrong key thus deleting it all?  My motorcycle flat tire adventures & my rescue by Brice & Patti will have to wait another few days now.  I might even add in Monday's adventure of vomiting so much that I had a nosebleed... Well maybe no more elaboration on that last is necessary, yuck :-(.

Just one quick note though. I seem to have injured my right knee this morning while on a recovery run in Tennessee. 2.6 miles in, between steps my knee just started hurting. Didn't twist or land funny, just an overuse injury I suppose.  No choice but to hobble back the 1.3 miles back to my truck.  Icing the knee as I'm writing this & have kt tape on it. Hopefully a day or 2 of babying it & I'll be back to normal. Cross your fingers please.


helmetorheels said...

Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer for that knee!

twbrit.com said...

You never said about the nose bleed!!
You gotta watch out for those chunks of carrot, they can be very sharp ;)

gabsatrucker said...

TWB, lol!!!!!!!! yeah, carrots are dangerouse veggies indeed. Didn't tell you about the nosebleed because you can be a bit of a motherhen and I didn't want a lecture that day :D. Now that it's over and done with, must admit that it worried me a bit :-(