26 September 2010

Oh, Sunday!

On Saturday's ride last week, the other girl that rides with our training group and I hatched up a plan to meet at 7 am Sunday morning for an easy ride of approximately 30 miles as a recovery workout.  It ended up being over 40 miles and a hammerfest, lol!!!  At least it was flat. :-).  After we cleared Kensett 5 of us lined up in a double pace line for a few miles, averaging 20-22 mph, well one of the guys dropped off fairly quickly.  Nice, doable pace, no problem, had a couple of strong cyclists pulling the line.  Wasn't even feeling the wind......However it wasn't long before the 2 troublemakers started whispering and giggling and next thing I know, one has fallen in behind the other and they take off fast!  As in 25-26 mph fast.........on a flat section that pace while maybe I can reach that pace, there is no way in hell I can usually sustain it.

Until this ride.......Everything seemed to fall in place just right, I was 3rd in pace line and I was damned well going to kill myself trying to keep up.  I didn't think I would be able to hold out very long and the guy behind me fell off after 1/2 a mile. I however managed to latch onto the wheel in front and held on until they slowed back down to the 20-22 mph pace.....this was not a matter of a single mile, it was closer to 3 and I'm still stoked that I could hold on.  Surprised the guys too, lol!!!!!  Of course after that I was burned out and fell off the pace less than a mile later with feet cramping, grrrr.  I did over 10 miles total at a pace over 20 mph, including that hardass sprint, yay!!!!!!!!

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