14 September 2010

The waiting game

Yes, I'm still at home.........the shop where Lola is currently residing is waiting on Eaton to review and approve the warranty work on the transmission (again).  At least I am able to spend the time waiting at home, looking to get some good quality training rides in.  Kinda like today's that totally kicked my arse and trashed my legs. Went out chasing the guys in what I described as a full on, balls to the wall, take no prisoners sufferfest.  While my mph average is 15.9 over the 25 miles, you gotta remember that hills (and how!) were included.  During one of the recovery legs (read:  downhill) I spoke to one of the guys who handily (footily, haha) enough happens to be a doctor of the feet.  He says that I probably have neuroma, ugh........but at least I have a doc that I can consult with without having to go through the pesky referral process that you usually have to endure.  And since he has the same thing, he knows how to treat it without telling me that I can't train (oh, the horror!!!).

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