19 September 2010

Some days a title escapes me

I think when I last posted I said I would have all week off........Didn't quite happen that way.  Tuesday, a call to International midday revealed that Eaton had approved the warranty work (finally) and that my truck was repaired.  Turned out to be a matter of the wiring harness to the xy shifter--yes, one of the parts that had been replaced last month.  James' truck however developed problems with the starter (again) and the air conditioner needed repairs so I agreed to take his load down to Laredo for him Tuesday night.  I did discover a wonderful thing though on the two days I was out--ever since I'd been assigned to this truck I pretty much had a constant amber check engine light--shops couldn't figure it out.  Well since, the wiring was repaired this past week, no more amber light, yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday--ran at Winfield, TX--yes, I paid the exorbitant $10 they charge to park but I wanted to get past the Mt. Pleasant scales and at 1245 am there was going to be nowhere else to park....It was only a little over 3 miles but hilly and there was NO knee pain, whew!!!  The trip to Laredo and back was fairly uneventful--dare I say even boring, lol.....and I managed to get 1567 miles done in exactly 47 hours.....that includes 2 mandatory 10 hour breaks plus showers and a workout. Not bad if I do say so myself, especially since I drive a 64.5 mph truck.

Friday--ran just over 3 miles plus 1/2 mile on the elliptical at the health club.  Not my choice but since James has been sick and out of working out for nearly a month he felt more comfortable there.  I also nearly did a face plant on the treadmill, ugh.......the new place doesnt provide towels and a sweaty hand on a slick bar doesn't work quite well.  That afternoon we met a personal trainer for the free consultation--got weighed, measured, poked, prodded, asked to do pushups & situps.  I managed 30 guy pushups then 20 knee pushups in the one minute alloted....not shabby since I haven't done any in a few weeks.  And the weight?  Well I monitor that every week so no surprise but I am in the 118 pound range right now :-/.  Good news is that this guy is trying to find space and buy spin bikes for spinning classes, YES!!!!!!!!

Saturday--Suffer day on the bicycle chasing the fast guys (mind you I didn't say keep up with them, lol).  I even wore the jersey to prove it was Suffering Saturday....Oh that brings me to my new shorts!  Rage Cycling offered to sell me a pair of bib shorts at an excellent price if I would be willing to test out a pair of the guys' version with the female chamois.  Unfortunately they're a size medium and I really need a small but they work just fine.  No shifting or bunching of the chamois and OMG the bib shorts are so freaking comfortable!!! No waistband to chafe or cut into you.

Back to the workout......today was going to be a repeat of last week's route that got cut short at 20 miles due to the storms.  Yikes, HILLS!!! Big hills in the first 15 miles, not my preferred way of riding......I kinda like to warm up for 5-10 miles before working hard.  Plus there was a little, tiny issue of only getting around 3 hours sleep, lol.  While I didn't feel as good as I did last week, I think I did pretty darn well.  Managed to bump up my ride average from the 15ish mph range up to 16.4 mph today for the 70 miles.  I was also able to keep the fast guys in sight after they caught us (slower group had a 15 minute headstart) for a while even.  Of course at that point they weren't pushing super hard for them, haha.

Image of today's route (the yellow dotted line) 

And image of the elevation chart (used my garmin 305 for this)

This is why I'm always so freaking slow, lol!!!!!!!  While these aren't west coast mountains, they're not tiny by any means either.

One high point of today's ride was when we all regrouped just south of Pleasant Plains on Hwy 167 and all 12 of us were in a double row peloton cycling 22-24 mph for approximately 3-5 miles.  Had to have looked impressive, I know being in it felt impressive.  Then we hit the big hills again and it was every man & woman for themselves.......

Two of us almost got taken out by a minivan today though.  She did what we thought was going to be a simple u-turn then pulled up next to us and turned right straight into where Tim & I were pedaling on the shoulder.  No turn signals, no nothing.  Me and Tim had to grab the brakes for an emergency stop and literally we could've pounded on her van if we weren't so busy with avoidance manuevers. 

Workout totals
95.02 miles cycling (will add 20-30 more tomorrow)
6.42 miles running
.5 mile elliptical
and of course yesterday's fitness test of pushups and situps

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