06 September 2010


Ahhhh, peer pressure.......that insidious little thing that causes you to sign up for crazy things months in advance or do wicked insane things just because all the cool kids are doing it.  Y'know, like the Hotter 'n Hell Hundred, the Tupelo 14.2 miler, etc, etc.........Fortunately I did resist the lure of doing the 3-3-3 this year (5k in Little Rock, Tupelo, and a 5k in Memphis), I just opted for Tupelo, lol......

This week has been crazy, emotional recovery from the HHH (not much physical recovery required though), pms, James being ill (he has shingles?????), the emotional aftermath of a friend's revelations, 11.5 days of being cooped up either in my truck or a rental vehicle, and my longest ever solo motorcycle trip.

I kicked off Saturday with a short ride (26ish miles) to test out the new pedals.......which I hate!  They do have a wider platform but can only clip in on one side.....this resulted in my foot constantly slipping off the pedal and hyperextending my left leg--I always clip in & out with my left leg first when stopping--as well as a very painful thud to the girly bits because I would slide forward on the seat rather abruptly........OWIE!!!!!!!  Also going up a very steep hill, I'd stood up on the pedals to power up started to sit down and boom! I went over.......I'm not quite sure what happened but one of the guys behind me said that one of my feet became unclipped as I started to sit back down. Yeah, they're not gonna work.  I also have a nice little bruise and knot on my right ass cheek because of that little mishap.

Back home to finish loading up the motorcycle for the trip to Tupelo........in the process receiving many, many lectures from James on what to do and how to be safe and to call or text every so often so that he knew I was ok.....helmet on and I was off.

It was quite a nice ride although short of a rigid I think my motorcycle is the most uncomfortable bike to ride ever due to where I have it lowered so much.  I'm going to have James adjust that as soon as he gets to feeling well enough, I'm a confident enough rider now that I don't have to flatfoot it at stops anymore like I did in the first couple of years.  While it looks great being lowered so much I'm sick of going airborne whenever I hit a bump due to no give in the suspension.

Another issue I've discovered, evidently my head used to be quite fat.......my motorcycle helmet no longer fits properly, kinda loose now :-(, that's a problem because it's a $300 helmet!!!!!  Also the aftermarket shield I put on tends to try to pop open at speeds in excess of 70mph so I spent a good deal of time holding it shut with one hand......I did pass a Ferrarri that was poking along at one point, lol.

Tupelo--find the running store where our packet pickup was and met Doug (met him at the Hogeye 1/2 earlier this year) and another twitter friend there where we discussed what time & where we would meet for dinner with some of the others.  Yes there was a tweetup!!!!!! Coolness! I was also able to meet Eric another trucker/cyclist that I'd been speaking to for a while and he was able to make it to dinner with us. 

Yep, I was able to make it into one of the "Wish you were here Dan" photos and I didn't even have to go to Hooter's!!!!!!

The awesome Eric & me. He'd brought me a gift of a Mellow Johnny's chain cover (chain condom, ha-ha!!) for my bicycle that I'm going to start carrying on the truck.  That was VERY thoughtful, thank you again!

Great dinner & chatting was had at Vanelli's and I had lots of friends coming through from Arkansas saying hi with lots of hugs.  So for those worried about me meeting up with some of my twitter friends, I was well-chaperoned :-))).  Vanelli's by the way is awesome, I was able to get a very yummy lemon-pepper chicken with some of the best grilled green beans ever.

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