14 March 2015

An adventure at the ashmei ambassadors day

ashmei ambassadors run 2015
Nicked from the ashmei twitter feed

Still on a bit of a runner's high at the moment after spending a few hours meeting up and then running with the other athletes shortlisted for the ashmei ambassador programme.  Such a fun day out getting to admire the beautiful kit (I'm loving the skort!) while finding out about the who, what, when, where, and whys of how it all came about.  The run reinforced how much I've been missing running on some proper trails--it's almost like a dance over the tree roots and around the rocks and my body and mind are craving more of it.  The company was excellent as well, no egos, just other like-minded crazy runners/cyclists/triathletes out for an adventure and the words just flowed in time with our footsteps.

ashmei merino wool and carbon socks
Happy but not stinky feet

We did get Merino + Carbon socks today to test out and I must say so far I'm impressed.  I could have done with these for the Belvoir Challenge and I think they may have jumped to the front of the queue for most favoured status and I'm notoriously picky about the socks I wear for running--can't be too thick or too thin, can't come too far up the leg, and they should never slip down.  Of course it will take more than one wearing to decide but I didn't take these off until five hours post run and I usually can't wait to peel the socks off.  Bonus points in that they match my fell running trainers!  The only thing I would caution people about is to wash the socks before the first wearing, the pair I received left my feet covered in a thin layer of black--it was very reminiscent of when I used to haul carbon black for Goodyear tire/tyre plants in my trucking days and the trailer would always have to be washed out afterwards because of the black dust EVERYWHERE.

How my partner entertained himself while I was oohing and ahhing over the ashmei kit, running, chatting, and eating cake

There's so much more I want to write about but I'm so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open. Good luck to everyone and I can't wait to find out who the next #ashmeiambassadors will be!  Thank you Stuart and the ashmei team for providing us with such an amazing opportunity, it was a fantastic day!

Update: I didn't get chosen as one of the four for the ashmei Ambassadors programme but I was chuffed and surprised to have even been shortlisted in the first place! I think I was probably amongst the oldest there (but not quite old enough to be in the inspirational category!), I certainly am not the most photogenic and my athletic feats are firmly in the middle of the pack category so to be included was a huge honour.  Good luck to all and I am looking forward to finding out who the ambassadors are!

 It was great fun and this vid by @jimmymacke summed up the day perfectly. 
See if you can spot me in my Runner's Booty shirt!

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