06 March 2015

Today's Earworm and how to say Derbyshire like a native

Today's earworm is a catchy tune from Drenge, it sort of reminds of a cross between Buddy Holly and The Ramones.  What I really want to talk about though is David Letterman's pronunciation of Derbyshire...and why didn't his people brief him on the way it's pronounced in the UK? Someone who watched the show please tell me that he was corrected at some point.  FYI it is closer to DAHR-BEE-SHUR (or SHEER).  I hear it both ways and I'm sure my interpretation isn't quite right but at least it won't make the locals cringe. Shire is never pronounced with a long I when it is combined with another word but it is when said on its own. Confused yet? Imagine how I feel!