30 March 2015

Run or die? Run or Dye!

Running and racing is serious business...at least that's what one would think based on the majority of my race photos where I look like I'm about to die. For once it would be fun to have how I was feeling on the inside be reflected on the outside so instead of the usual run or die, let's 'Run or Dye' instead!

Run, walk, skip, or dance the 5k--Hula-hooping is probably not advised though!

The powdered dyes you are showered with is plant-based and eco-friendly so that means it's safe to become part of the rainbow.  

Have kids? Run or Dye is family friendly and children aged 6 and under get to run for FREE!  The event is not timed so there is no pressure to finish in a certain time. Fido has to stay home though.

A few tips for the day: Take glasses to cover your eyes if they are sensitive like mine, coat your hair in conditioner beforehand to make washing the powder out easier, white kit will make the colour show up better and fancy dress is highly encouraged (where's my tutu?)! 

Which Run or Dye event will you be attending? Use discount code KISDISCOUNT for £3 off your entry fee.

*Full disclosure stuff--I am receiving an entry into one of the events in exchange for writing about the Run or Dye series. 

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