24 March 2015

Things I should have learned by now

1. Don't attend a concert wearing 4 inch heel boots where you are going to be on your feet for almost four hours. Yes, you would have thought I'd have learned that after the Lacuna Coil gig. At least I didn't have a 10k to run this morning like I did after that night.

2. Stay away from the cheap cider. Even watered down it's not going to do nice things to your body.

3. If you're short not even wearing 4 inch heels is going to help you see if you stand at the back.

4. The Kontours are interesting, I'm going to keep an ear out for them from now. Their set was far too short though.

5. Birmingham city centre is worth visiting again.

6. Monday night gigs mean you can usually score a parking space close by that's FREE!!!

7. The Subways put on a fantastic show--they have edged out Kasabian as the best gig I've seen here in the UK. I should have definitely known this from all the youtube vids I've watched of their concerts but to see it live was amazing!

8. Charlotte is not only a kick ass musician, she's also a triathlete!!!!!!!!! No wonder she can headbang and bounce around the stage with that much energy! Yes, there's a girlcrush moment happening. 

Huge thanks to Tunes, Trends, & Threads and SJM Concerts for the tickets via the twitter contest! 

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