08 March 2015

One Week and One Day After The Belvoir Challenge Marathon

More soup please 

So how does one recover from a cross country on steroids, über muddy marathon? I'm not sure of the correct way but if you have any tips please let me know! I've been craving soup like crazy and based on today's run I'm still fairly dehydrated.  The first slog (slow jog) 2 days after was a bit painful on the quads with the downhill section but by Tuesday that was sorted out which I'm still surprised by.  The feet though are still a little beat up and I'm trying to avoid rocky, muddy and wet routes which can be a bit of a problem with the Nordic Walking.  Thankfully the weather has been cooperative and most of the easier (read: less fun) trails have been drying up slightly.  The toe that I mentioned before is beginning to heal up, it's no longer almost the same size as my big toe and the warmer temperatures mean that all the tootsies are less blue than usual.  

Gross, eh?

Hope everyone's recovery is going well!

Looks like Dreamlight Photography has uploaded all the race photos, I'm kind of pleased with this one.

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