05 September 2009

Clear Mountain 5k, week 7, and found

Ok, knew it was bound to happen sometime but my local bike shop mechanic has found my blog (Hi Jason!). Guess I'll have to quit trash talking about him now, huh? LOL!!! Actually as most people who read this know by now I love my LBS........Okay butt kissing over.
Today was race number 13 in the state RRCA Grand Prix series and I've got to say I'm not particularly fond of this one. There's nothing bad about it, it's relatively flat, and it's by the river so I should love it. But...........I just don't. My attitude about it was kind of soured too because the Sara Low Memorial 5k was today in Batesville and I had to miss it due to trying to iron the g.p.

Today I'm kind of frustrated with the fact that I pre-registered (was number 74) and still got stuck with a size medium shirt instead of a small. There weren't even any X-larges that I could trade the medium for so James could have a shirt. Oh well, guess I'll have to take the scissors to this one and cut the sleeves and neck out. From here on if there aren't any female cut t-shirts available I'm going to request the kids large. At least it will fit albeit slightly shorter than a regular tee.

Also, it's a non-chip timed race and I never, ever know what time is going to be shown in the official race results. For example today, my garmin showed 23:20 and I didn't shut it off right away + started it as soon as the race started even though I was about a quarter of the way back from the front. Also the time on the clock at the chute was different. I still pr'ed by 1 second according to the race results. I know I shouldn't quibble about this since it was a matter of seconds but still.........Oh well, it will give me more lee-way to try and pr on the next 5k or two.

I am pleased with my race performance, I actually felt good and steady throughout most of the 5k. There was a spot around mile 2 that I had to slow down just a bit but not a whole bunch. I did feel a tad nauseous just before mile 3 but you're supposed to feel that way aren't you? LOL..... Reeled in everybody that I focused on except for one woman and I think the race results show her only 1 second in front of me--btw that's wrong too, she was more like 3-5 seconds ahead.

Official time 23:25
16/160 female
104/377 overall
1/20 female 40-44 age group
I won 3rd place female masters!!!!!!!!!! Very happy about that but the woman that is right with me in grand prix points female masters took first place masters :(. She's VERY fast!

My time last year for this race was 25:22 so almost a 2 minute improvement.

Week in review (still have a 5 mile easy run for tomorrow)

Monday--1.59 miles with Elsie around neighborhood in 17:09

Tuesday--7.14 miles in 1:08:15--hilly run at Hurricane Mills, TN. Felt great, no walk breaks. This route had approx 4 miles on a gravel road. Beautiful cool morning, was blowing smoke for the first couple of miles. Got splattered with gravel from the school bus driver again, grrr.

Wednesday--5.52 miles in 1:10:14. Run/walk with James. He had a great day with over 3 miles running and no breaks but I was having tummy issues so had to walk a couple of times. Another beautiful day with low humidity and chilly fingers. But no more baked apples the night before a run for me, eeeep...........

Thursday--rest day, but still had to wake up early in Laredo to deliver before the morning rush. My first thought when the alarm went off was why am I getting up when I didn't have a run scheduled...........

Friday--5.28 miles in 1:05:55. Not much warmer than Wed. but much, much more humid so James didn't have as good of a run. We also started off with a huge hill so that played a factor. He still ran straight through for 3 miles though. Walk breaks were only at the beginning and end. I was feeling bad so went to bed around 8 pm last night (felt achy and slightly feverish).

Saturday--Woke up with a headache and stumbling around........Pre-dawn wakeups suck. But anyhoo, Lybbe sent the healing fairy from Ontario, Canada to Arkansas so felt decent by race start ;). Thanks again Lybbe! Approx. 1.57 mile warmup in 15:50--ran more but started before my Garmin had time to find the satellites and sync up so using what was actually recorded. 5k race, then finished up with an 11.05 mile run (1:58:33) with Cindy and Brenda for a total of 15.72 miles this morning.

Brenda and Cindy really saved my butt this morning, I know I wouldn't have gotten my long run done if they hadn't come along with me. Love, love, love these girls!!!!!!!!! They also took me out on a route that I didn't even know existed off the Rivertrail so not only did we race this morning and have a long run, we ran trails!!!!!!!!!!! Real, honest to goodness monster uphill, switchbacky, rocky, technical trails! So while the 11ish mile time may seem kind of slow, well it was after a race AND on trails. The 15.72 miles by the way is my longest single run to date--entering new territory here........Felt great until the last 4 then started kind of dragging, the final 2 that I did solo felt endless, blech. Sun had come out and it was heating up fast. I got it done though so happy about that even if my distance was a tad short of the 16 scheduled.

Me after today's fun! I'm still standing and yes, I was wearing my lucky running skirt :)
35.25 miles on the week so far.

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