14 September 2009

Week 8

Ok, first off, I apologize for the previous post--blogger and pictures is not mixing well for me for some reason anymore, grrrr.

This week was a fallback week and for some reason I just couldn't get into the groove of things. I only had 2 runs that were enjoyable, blech.

Some of this I've posted about already.

Monday--supposed to be hill repeats, only .87 miles done

Tuesday--hill repeats. Miserable, only did 5.68 miles of the 8 scheduled

Wednesday--Run/walk with James in Middle Tenn. 5.24 miles in 55:46. Good day

Thursday--rest day, but should've run because I was delayed by traffic anyway so didn't get in and out of Laredo as planned

Friday--run/walk with James at Von Ormy, TX. Light mist but very humid so hard to breath. 5.45 miles in 58:34. James ended up walking all but .75 miles because it was so difficult to catch your breath.

Saturday--14.05 hard miserable miles in the evening (2:27:49). First 6.5 miles stomach kept cramping so it was a run/walk routine. mile 7-10.5 felt okay. 10.5 on I was tired and becoming more and more cranky. James had pedaled along with me to keep me company since I would be running after dark for 1/2 of the run and he quit talking at around mile 11.5-12. Argghhhh!!!!!!!!!! I didn't even have any podcasts to listen to-hadn't loaded up my mp3 player-and probably wouldn't have used it anyway since it was so dark. I'd also driven in from the Waco area that morning so my legs weren't exactly fresh.

Sunday--4.22 miles in 53:40 with James and Elsie. Legs were very tired from the previous evening but overall it was a nice run. Misting rain and cooler so was able to just sleep in and get up whenever to run.

Even though I felt miserable Saturday I must have looked kinda fast. I had to make a pitstop at the bathroom in Berryhill Park and while running through the park I passed a couple of 10-12 year old boys. One told the other "I dare you to race her!" and the other was like "uh-uh, I think she can beat me." Nice little ego boost :).

Total for the week was 35.51 miles (35 scheduled). No cycling due to the rain, being tired, and I just couldn't bear the thought of the trainer.

After breakfast digests I'm going to head to the gym to do my speed workout on the treadmill, not looking at the schedule right now but think I'm supposed to do 8 miles total with 3 x 1600s at 10k pace.

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Terry said...

OUCH!! Lucky for me, ant bits just hurt like crazy, but I have never endured the swelling aspect. Then again, I have never been attacked enmasse!!

I was looking forward to a little sunshine myself, got about a day's worth. Have you seen the pictures of Atlanta, during last weeks flood??