08 September 2009

Monday that's actually a Tuesday

Just like everybody else in the states, my schedule is completely out of whack from the long Labor Day weekend. Twas nice having an extra day off but this means that James and I will be picking up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday so our schedules will really be off from the norm. Speaking of our work, it's looking like we are back to normal with both of us picking up on the same day and even at the same plant for now, yay!

Oh, and yet another work related tidbit--I received a call last night/this morning at 1:49 am from a night dispatcher wanting me to get up and cover a "hot" load to Dallas. Quite fortuitously, I'd left my phone in the computer room so didn't get wakened, LOL! Don't know why James didn't get a call too, hmmm.

Workout wise this week has been crappy--almost literally..........having stomach issues again. Tried to get out twice yesterday for my hill repeats and both times had to make a mad dash for the bathroom, ugh. Same thing this morning but finally got whatever was in my system out so managed to get some semblance of a workout done. Think it was set off by the peanut butter I'd had for a pre-workout snack yesterday. I'd sworn off of it just over a month ago thinking it was the culprit in some of my issues but was in a hurry so reached for the jar again yest. morning. So that pretty much confirms my suspicions about peanut butter not agreeing with me.

I was supposed to run 8 miles today with hill repeats in the middle. Got the hill repeats done but only have 5.68 miles showing on my garmin.
Why the mileage shortfall?
1)Didn't get in the full warmup and cooldown portions
2)couldn't get the garmin to sync with satellites again so just took off with the timer counting down
3)hit pause 3 times instead of lap on my hill repeats-once was for the entire repeat up and down before I'd caught my mistake

The repeats went ok--4 X .25 mile, 8 x 1/8 mile then all the way up the hill to finish up (1/2 mile). My legs are tired...........

To try and avoid traffic, James and I drove out to Riverside Park (he was on his mountain bike) but we did have to deal with a few pervs--well, James did, they weren't interested in me :). One guy was sitting in his pickup with the door open and no pants on until I entered the park--James had gotten there just ahead of me. I'm ok with whatever people's sexual preferences are among consenting adults but damn, don't be out in public wagging your weenie to people who aren't interested.

Last week's run total was 40.98 miles, this week will be a backdown so should only have 35ish miles by Sunday (and a 14 mile long run, whew!).

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