04 September 2009

Run With Jazzy

I heard about Jasmine this past week on the Land Line Now xm radio show. Very cool that she's doing this and even though I don't have a ton of blog readers I thought I would get this out to hopefully garner a little more publicity. After all, how can I resist something that combines two major things I'm involved with--running and trucking?!

Anyway, she's running across the United States (Los Angeles to New York) to raise money for the St. Christopher Fund, a not for profit that provides financial aid to truckers with medical problems and also conducts medical research that will benefit professional drivers.

I've just purchased a shirt and will be making a donation later this weekend, I just think it's wicked awesome that this 16 year old is doing.


Paul Staso said...

Good for you on writing about Jasmine! I ran across America solo in 2006 (http://www.pacetrek.com) and think what she's doing is incredible at her age!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of this young lady and thank you for writing about Jasmine "Jazzy" in your blog.
At 16 years old, most "girls" are thinking only about what prom dress they will wear and "boys". I understand she also is doing her school work everyday too.
I support her and her mission.
Thanks and Godspeed.