31 August 2009

Week 6 of marathon training

No true long run scheduled for this past week, just several medium length runs so it's felt kinda odd.

Monday--at home. Ran 6.11 miles in 58:06 solo. Forgot about school being back in session so was almost ran over a few times by frantic students, mothers, teachers, and one school bus driver. Afterwards ran/walked 3 miles in 40:53 with James and Elsie.

Tuesday--had to stop at NLR to shop to have trailer repaired. Ended up running laps around the truck yard and down the access road over and over. Hot, humid, and boring but squeezed in a nice tempo run of 4.01 miles in 34:41. It was a good prep for the XC 10k coming up in October since a quarter of each lap was done on grass and dirt. Our pickup is parked there and I originally intended to drive to the Rivertrail but it ended up being at afternoon rush hour so was going to spend more time driving than running. Besides it's good for me to practice what I preach about using what you have at hand when fitting in a workout while working. Still boring as all get out though, lol.....

Wednesday--rest day

Thursday--6 miles at Encinal, TX in 1:05:45. Part of this was run/walk with James. Same old refrain of hot and humid. Did check out part of the town but there were so many dogs running loose that we had to cut that short. We stopped to read the war memorial (WWI, WWII, Korean conflict, and Vietnam), very interesting to see the same surnames listed over and over. After the town portion we headed out on the frontage road going north which was kind of a mistake. Chip seal roads are HARD on the legs........Plus reflect the sun back hellaciously......

Friday--We lollygagged on the way home this week and ended up sleeping at Mt. Vernon, TX which is one of my favorite places to run. However my plans to workout there were very rudely interrupted by a huge thunderstorm. Lots of lightning and the roads were flooding when we pulled out. Something just behind the back of my trailer was struck by lightning right after it started so I'm extremely glad that I hadn't left out to run before the skies opened up. I love running in the rain but not when sizzling bolts that can fry you are involved..........

Anyway since the morning run was nixed it was Friday evening at home before I could get out. Did 6.17 miles in 1:02:19, had one walk break because my tummy was acting up. It wasn't very hot but it was humid......My legs were also achy from the tilted chip-seal roads the day before. Oh, one cool thing, one of our neighbors had rented a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage for a daughter's birthday party. Very surreal turning the block and meeting this on the road :)

Saturday--had planned to join the Bike City fun ride but couldn't get James pried out of bed. Around lunch we did pull out the mountain bikes to just tool around town and get some errands done at the same time. I always love this, feel just like a kid again. Put in just over 8 miles just playing.....Ran 4.13 miles in 43:49 with Elsie, the time includes walk breaks for her.

Sunday--Wanted to get back to morning workouts--ran 5.67 miles in 54:37 solo then was stretching when James ambled through and wanted me to go out with him on his run...........Wasn't thrilled about it because I was tired already from 2 workouts so close together in time but couldn't exactly say no if he was motivated to get out there. I did ask him why he didn't get up when I did and his reply was "Because you didn't tell me to." ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Men. I did another 3.72 miles with him in 49:52 (run/walk)

Later yesterday afternoon I met up with some of the Cabot crew for a 20-30 mile ride. I think it ended up being around 23.5 miles. My sensor for the computer was messing up so 3/4 of the time I had no clue what my speed or mileage was. Interestingly enough I had the cadence reading for the entire ride. Awesome ride, beautiful weather, mostly women so great conversation! I'm fast getting out of cycling shape though :-(. Had just enough mix of easy stuff, hard sprints, flat road, and hills. A couple of friends have new tri bikes and boy oh boy could they fly down the hills. Well, Arland can fly up the hills too! I could keep Cindy just within reach on the flats and uphills (except towards the end) but that aero position downhill, WOW........Even with me scrunching down as low as possible there was no way in the world I could match her downhill speeds. Each descent put her so much farther in front of me there was no catching her :).

Weekly totals
Running 38.81 miles (think this is my highest week ever)
Cycling 31.68 miles
no weights but I did pushups and chinups on a couple of days

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