22 August 2009


I found out Wed. that a friend's husband passed away suddenly Tuesday night (heart attack). I just feel so inadequate when trying to express my feelings on this........I never met Vicki's husband more than a couple of times but he had such an unique and easygoing personality that you couldn't help but be charmed by this Southern gentleman. Actually James got to spend more time speaking with him than I did and always enjoyed his company immensely. 63 is way too young for him to have left us.

Today at 7 a.m. as many of the Cabot Cruisers that could make it ran the first mile in Lay's memory and to show our love and support for Ms. Vicki. 51 of us were able to do this and I know many others that couldn't be here ran and/or thought of these two wonderful people at this time. Vicki was my first introduction to the wonderful family that is the Cruisers and I am oh so grateful for this. Much love to you.......................

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