09 August 2009

Why Running Clubs Rock

I was seriously dreading today's 12 mile long run. Thought I was going to have to do it solo and just wasn't in the mood for it. Fortunately I'd posted on my running club's forum Friday night asking if anybody was planning long runs on Sunday. Gotta tell you, my club never lets me down! Made plans to meet 3-4 friends and had a wonderful time yakking and running. Not all the running was pleasant but it was bearable even though it seemed way too hilly at times :-).

So my advice to everybody out there who runs or wants to run, find a club to join. Yes, that means you Terry! All paces and abilities are welcome and if they're not, find a different club 'cause that one most definitely does not rock :(.

A good club will usually result in great friends, help motivate you, praise you when you're doing great, and sympathize when things suck. It will also improve your abilities (improve your form, time, etc) and slow you down when you need to be doing easy long distance runs.

Oh, did I mention great friends? That's the most important part!

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