22 August 2009

weekly workout recap

Ok, technically week isn't over until tomorrow but I plan to spend time with James instead of the computer most of Sunday. Won't be long and involved because I'm still feeling melancholy. I'm also not sure that most people are interested in this but Terry left me a comment last week saying that she liked following my progress, so there!

Monday--3.59 run/walk with Elsie and James before we left. Met some of the Kenyans that attend Harding on the trail while out. It's always such a joy to meet them while out running, always friendly and they make it look so easy. Also did a full body strength and abs workout. BTW, James' run segments are getting to be much longer in time again.

Tuesday--7.25 mile hilly run in 1:11:08 at Hurricane Mills, TN. Started out slow and had 3 walk breaks but was cooking right along by the end. Felt very good!

Wednesday--Load turned hot so rest day

Thursday--6.27 miles in S. Texas in 1:08:44. First 3.5 miles were a run/walk with James, he ran more than he walked today, woo-hoo! Remainder was solo and I included some running drills at the end (skipping, grapevine, butt kicks). Another great run.

Friday--3.15 miles at Prescott, AR in 29:11 (forgot to turn Garmin off immediately so have some extra time with no running, blech). Started out slow but ran the 2nd half much faster. Powered up the big hill on the Industrial Road with a sub 7 minute mile pace (6:22 at one point) while listening to LL Cool J's "It's Time for War". I'm sure the log truck driver got a big laugh out of me pumping up my arms after I got the to the top but hey, I was feeling pretty darn good at making it up that fast :-).

Saturday--13.23 miles in 2:02:41. Did the first 6+ miles with Brenda, Cindy, Lisa, Jackie, Mark, and Robert then met back at the school for the memorial run at 7 am (short break here approx. 10 minutes). James also ran this part (he did 3.39 miles, YAY!). After about 1.5 miles the large group started splitting up depending on the distances and times and I finished up with Brenda, Cindy, and Lisa. Felt surprisingly good considering I couldn't sleep worth anything last night and was stumbling around like a zombie this morning.

Totals so far this week
Cycling--zilch (grrr, miss my rides)
Strength--1 workout
Running--33.49 miles

Hope to get a ride in tomorrow but found out this afternoon that the friend I've been riding with on Sunday mornings had a bicycle wreck yesterday. Aly, hope you're feeling better.

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