09 August 2009

My lucky running skirt

I love running skirts, they are oh so cute on but I don't feel fast in them. And if you're a runner who also dabbles in races much like this midpack age-grouper then you know it's important to feel "fast" even if you're not a front of the pack speedster. Hey, it's mind games but if it works, then it works. I'll take every advantage that I can get ;-). As a result, most of my races are run in Nike tempo shorts.

Just a tad over 3 weeks ago I wandered into Hibbett's here in Searcy with a $20 coupon, my intention was to buy a 2nd pair of running shoes but I took a detour into the clothes section. And it was there that I found it--a Nike running skirt that looked fast as well as cute. I kept waffling back and forth on buying it, after all $60 is quite a chunk of change for running apparel (shoes are a different story). Well, that running skirt went home with me after about 30 minutes deliberation.

It's..............Perfect! It's shorter than most running skirts, wicks like a dream, has a zippered back pocket big enough to fit my Iphone in, and it's just darn cute......I've also set 2 personal records in that skirt so there was no contest about packing it with me this week for the Watermelon 5k. It had become my lucky running skirt, I was sure to have a fantastic race again I thought. Well, I thought my lucky running skirt let me down today (yes, I know in reality it was my lack of eating that did me in, but bear with me) and was lamenting to James about how it was no longer a good luck charm.

James, however, in all his wonderful wisdom, pointed out that I still placed in my age group (1st, unless they find some more errors like in the 30-34 group) and I was able to finish the race without puking or passing out despite my poor judgement in fueling (or non-fueling). Therefore the skirt was still my lucky running skirt! Oh, happy day!!!!!!

Ok, ok, this is a silly post but I do love this skirt. As a matter of fact, James suggested that I go buy a 2nd one but I think that would just jinx my new-found good luck charm.


Indy said...

Hahahahahahahaha! I think that, given I am a male, I best be NOT commenting on short running skirts whether they be lucky or not! ROTFL

I have just looked down your list of blogs you read and all the other activities, as WELL as your running and driving a big truck (we just call them trucks, Downunder because anything SMALLER is just a ute [you say pickup] or a rigid etc. Truck to us by default means BIG truck).

How do you get time to do all this?

Hell! I will have to walk down to the back of my trailer and back before I hit the sack in a minute, I am feeling that guilty! LOL

gabsatrucker said...



Unfortunately over here everything on the road that is not a car or van is referred to as "truck". Totally pisses me off when I read a headline "Truck driver kills/injures/maims in Accident" and find out in the article body that it's referring to a PICKUP or SUV, grrr. I don't think most people bother reading past the headlines.

As far as time, I just have to make the time. Other things do tend to get neglected. For example, I love to read but where I used to finish a book in 2 days or less, it now takes me 2-6 weeks because I'm usually falling asleep within 15 minutes of laying down for the night. James helps out a lot with housework and cooking so that frees up more time for my training. We no longer take long motorcycle trips much to James' disappointment (and he won't take them without me). This stupid erratic schedule is a pain in the butt as far as planning stuff right now too.

Truckin Tedybehr said...

Indy ... I'm holding my tongue too when it comes to comments on the running skirt ;-)

Gabby ... I agree with Indy ... the things you manage to accomplish on a regular bases is just amazing to me. I guess I'm really too much of a couch potatoe and "driving a desk" doesn't help.

Susan said...

You are lightning fast - and you have motivated me to finally get a running skirt!

gabsatrucker said...

Thank you so much! You're actually among a group of the people that inspires me to keep at my schedule. And go for the skirts, they're very flattering and just fun. Skirt Goddess makes a great one (the Commitment) that has compression shorts and these awesome pockets on the sides.

It seemed like once I started running and feeling better about myself I became more adventurous (not as scared about making an idiot of myself, LOL) and it all just kind of snowballed.

Terry said...

I love running skirts, but have not found one for me, as they are too long. This one sounds great, and not only feeling fast, I bet you look awesome as you are running.

I know what you mean about our news headlines.....That always angers me when they mislead you to think it was a professional driver, instead of some idiot in a GMC.

gabsatrucker said...

I got this skirt at Hibbett's (there should be a couple in Huntsville). Nike has it online for $41.99--item #320740-010. It would be the perfect length for you, just be prepared for whistles while you're out running(well more than what you already get anyway!).