01 August 2009

and the week in review..........

OHMYGOSH, I'm so glad this week is over. I'm determined to iron the state's Grand Prix series this year and I think my dispatcher is equally determined for me not to. First off, my Monday pickup in TN was moved to Thursday but James very kindly switched with me so I could have his Wednesday appointment. Well, it was either kindness or just a desire to not listen to me bitch all week, LOL..........

Made it to Pulaski early enough to get a decent night's sleep and still be able to wake up so that I could get that day's run in (4 miles) before unloading and reloading. Silly me decided to make part of it a trail run even though it had been raining off and on during the night. I did have a good reason though, Elsie was running with me and the dog's happier if we go exploring when we get the chance so after about a mile, I decide to go down the rocky banks of a creek.

Yep, rain + rocks + creek embankment =Gabby falling first flat on her butt, rolling, and landing face forward. I didn't do a face plant but do have a small cut and bruise on my right palm which made it extremely uncomfortable to push the parking brake in during the rest of the week.

After getting my breath back and taking inventory to make sure there were no broken bones and I hadn't squished poor Elsie, we went on to finish up our 4 miles. However there was very little off the road running after that :).

I didn't think I'd landed super hard on my rear on the first part of the fall but evidently I did catch a sharp edge of a rock. It shocked the hell out of me later that day when I caught a glimpse of a HUGE bruise on my left butt cheek. It's about the size of my fist and now a unattractive dark purple and black color mixture. Glad it's nowhere visible!

Let's see, what else..........I dropped my purse in the pickup before leaving out Tues afternoon and left my fuel and points cards under the seat. That has been a major irritation all week because it meant instead of getting to use the oh so handy fuel card readers outside on the pump I had to make 2 trips (before and after fueling) to actually speak to somebody whenever I needed to top off the tanks, blech.

The 2nd pickup in AL didn't know I was coming in and that meant no product ready. Sat there for much longer than I liked because that resulted in me having to park in a no-security provided parking area in MS. Don't want to go into details here about what tends to go on in these areas but I did get to see way more of the local scene than I liked while walking Elsie.

Thursday I drove over to Breaux Bridge, LA to get in that day's workout (5 miles). Not much to say other than it was hot, humid, and I took a LOT of walk breaks ;-).

No load for me Thursday night so had to wait to be dispatched Friday morning but I did get a trailer just as soon as I qualcommed the list of what was available. Sigh, isn't that my dispatcher's job?

Because of picking up later in the week, this has meant that I've pretty much been in the driver's seat for all of my available working hours once I got loaded at Gadsden. I did take the time to run Thursday morning (Wed. run was before first appt so didn't cut into my available hours) but I knew that I would have zero time on Friday to get it in. Can't afford to be missing many runs now that I'm officially training for a marathon. Think I forgot to add that I ran just over 6 miles at the gym before leaving out Tues.


Terry said...

I am not going to say this anymore, since we have already agreed..but okay..YOU ROCK!!

I have had a few bad experiences through MS, better to just get on through that state.....

Glad you didnt smush Elsie!!

And, I finally managed to get 2 good runs in a row.....whew, maybe my luck is changing....

gabsatrucker said...


Thank you!!!!!! Coming from you I take that as very high praise. Thanks for listening to me grumble Wed. even though your week was much worse--still kind of embarrassed about being such a baby, hahaha.

Would have loved to have gotten out of MS but was held up so long at Gadsden that it would've been impossible to find a parking spot in Louisiana, grumble-grumble.

Glad I didn't smush Elsie too!

And, woo-hoo!!! Love that you were able to get some good runs in, you deserve it!