19 September 2009

Week 9

Wow, can't believe that I just finished up on week 9 of marathon training!?!

Monday--raining plus slept in so didn't get to the track before school started therefore it was the gym for intervals on treadmill. 8.02 miles 1:14:13. 3 x 1600s at 8:19 pace, 400 m. recovery jogs. ehh workout and had stomach issues but more on that later

Tuesday--3.02 miles in 30:47. Had a rare moment of sunshine just after sunrise at Hurricane Mills, TN so went out for my easy 3 with Elsie. Good thing too that was the last of the good weather for a bit and my trailer wasn't ready at Mt. Juliet (had an extra 2 hour + wait). Stopped at a pond for Elsie to get a drink and she decided to dive in instead, LOL.

Wednesday--Rest day. Full day of driving though with more than enough rain at least until just south of San Antonio, then had some sunshine again for a bit.

Thursday--9.05 miles in 1:27:46. Supposed to have 5 of the miles at marathon pace but it was just a fight to get it done pace. Legs were tired from driving the previous day and it was VERY windy. Most places that I run at while I'm on the road I won't start out until sunrise due to safety issues so that means I have to run when it's warmer out than I'd like. Oh, this was at Pearsall, TX (100 miles north of Laredo). Warm, humid, and windy + tummy issues

Friday-National Run @ Work Day. Seriously thought about waiting until I got home to run the 3 scheduled but was kind of guilted into going ahead and doing it at Mt. Vernon, TX because of the run at work thing, LOL. Pouring rain and I decided to run the frontage road back west instead of my usual into town route. The frontage road was the closest I could get to running at my work. Felt great and rocked a runner's high that lasted almost until lunch time. 3.17 miles in 29:16.

This is where I was parked Thursday night/Friday morning. Small truckstop but refills of coffee are under a buck if you have your own mug :-).

Saturday--Arkansas 20k race and I had 18 miles scheduled, eeep! Well, got it done, sorta.....totals from everything was 17.99 miles, close enough :-). I'll give a race report in a separate post. .76 mile warmup (had planned for 2 but was late), 12.48 mile race, then 4.75 miles afterwards with Tala.

Total for the week 41.25 miles. No cycling because it's been raining and only one core workout.

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