31 December 2009

2009 wrapup

Hmm, so trying to make myself get this blog post done and just not quite getting there......

So what were my 2009 highlights (and lowlights)

Well, it was my first full year participating in the Arkansas RRCA Grand Prix race series and I set the goal way back last January that I was going to try and iron the series. And I actually managed it :).

I turned 40--major highlight 'caused that moved me into the master's division for races.

No broken bones or teeth, woo-hoo!! Although I'm still having to undergo dental procedures to fix some of the issues from 2008, yuck.....

Made some awesome running friends and got to know current ones much better. Not going to list them here because it's a HUGE list, LOL....

Twitter friends!!!!

Ran a MARATHON! Although it's also a bit of a low point because it worsened a foot injury and was under some very rough weather conditions. I didn't come as close to the time goal as I wanted but did get to watch Jackie's toughness firsthand. Very happy that my first marathon was with her.

Set personal records in all my race distances this year :).

Was awarded Female Masters Runner of the Year by the Arkansas RRCA. Still in awe that I was nominated much less had enough votes to be awarded this, I didn't realize that many people even knew who I was.

I was Driver of the Month for March 2009--still have mixed feelings about this one. Kinda prefer to keep my head down at work for the most part.

James' mom having a series of mini-strokes, this has thrown all three of us for quite a loop, think we've finally adjusted to some semblance of a schedule so there's at least one of kind of close by in case something else happens. Does mean that James' and I see far less of each other than what we prefer but you do what you have to with family.

Elsie's 2nd year with us :)

James has stuck with me for another year, 2010 will mark our 22nd anniversary. Oh geez, I have been married for over 1/2 my life at this point. That makes me feel old, lol.......

Injured my left foot twice :(

All the training runs with Brenda, Cindy and Lisa. Oh I miss that soooo much.

My Iphone!!! Several months later and I still love it :). How did I ever manage prior to it? lol

Getting to see my friend Alyson evolve into a hard-core cyclist (and yes you are!! no arguing)

My Jamis Xenith Comp Femme road bike--although Buffy's been a bit neglected for the past 3.5 months.

Favorite race of the year--3 way tie. The One Hour Track Run, Capitol City Classic 10k, and the Dam Night Run 5k.

Least favorite race of the year--again a tie--Hogeye 1/2 Marathon and the Brickfest 5k...fueling issues on both

Did I mention all my awesome friends?!?

Anyhoo, just a bit of what was good and bad about 2009. Hope to have a post done sometime this weekend about 2010 goals :)

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Anonymous said...

dust off buffy and join us bright and early saturday morning for a ride. we all miss you. probably will start at 0730 and try for a bit longer distance but who knows??

flattered i garnered another mention!!