07 December 2009

By the Wayside

Yep, that seems to be where my blogging is headed......fallen way off both on actual updates and keeping up with everybody. It's not that I don't want to write something it's that by the time I get home and sit in front of the computer I've completely forgotten whatever it was that had my mind racing to begin with. Ah well, such is the way with stress :(.

So the running this past week has been zilch until yesterday (Sunday) while trying to rest up and give my foot a chance to recover from whatever the problem is. Quick synopsis of the left foot issue

1)plantar fasciitis back in early, early spring-by midsummer this was resolved though

2)caught a rock at the base of my 2nd toe at the Chile Pepper XC 10k 10/17--injured the toe, it was swollen and painful for quite a well

3)the Sunday prior to the Midsouth Marathon, I tripped and fell, bruising and cutting up the inside of the left ankle

4)Foot started hurting during the marathon-achy around mile 20ish, flatout cramping from mile 24 on. Also had a major, major cramp afterwards from the tips of my toes to just behind my knee that refused to release for what seemed like forevah.......

James' and my opinion is that I have a stress fracture on the second toe, I'm one of those people whose 2nd toe is also longer than my big toe so it receives most of the impact first........Now mind you this is our opinion and I haven't gone to the doctor yet and we didn't stay at Holiday Inn last night. Why haven't I gone to the doctor? Well, the company I'm employed by is by far way too aggressive in shutting you down ANYTIME you have a doctor's visit until they review everything little thing that went down. This means no driving and with my dedicated run it would mean an entire week off work. My plan was to take 2 weeks off from running (lasted 1 week, lol) then take it easy on the workouts for a couple more weeks and if I'm still having problems I will go to the doc for x-rays, etc. during our Christmas shutdown. I have been employed by 5 different trucking companies (James=7) but our current one is far more intrusive than any of the others and does in fact go much further than what the law requires.

Anyhoo, my mood for the past couple of months has been up and down. In a major funk after the marathon AND racing season ended. Feel kind of lost and I realize it's silly but it's what's going on.........Also while the mother-in-law is improving, our lives are pretty much revolving around rushing back home from work, etc. James and I aren't getting to see each other near enough and it's wearing on both of us. I do have a couple of friends that are basically saving what little sanity I have left but James is doing the guy thing and refusing to talk about what's going on with anybody but me.

Oh crap, this is turning into a woe is me post, grrrr.

Okay on to other stuff. I did go for an easy 4ish mile (no garmin!) run with Elsie yesterday afternoon with no problems, yay! Will try and ease back into it with no hard-core training until after the first of the year :).

Second on the advice of a friend I am making an attempt at learning to play the guitar........Went to a local music store in town and came home with a very cool starter set :). Yep, just what I need, something else to obsess about, lol.
3rd, I'm actually going out and attempting to buy clothes that actually fit.......Part of my problem is that I try to avoid things made in China and while I realize that quite a few things I have no choice on, clothing is an area where I do have an option. A somewhat limited choice, it turns out but I can find things made elsewhere (oh, there are a few other countries I avoid). But........I'm having a difficult time finding work/casual clothing that I like :(. What I'm having no problem with is dresses, lol! I've purchased 3 in a month's time but while I can get away with wearing a casual dress and sandals while driving in the summer, winter's stuff tends to be a bit too dressy and requires heels to look right. Not exactly practical for a truckdriver, but I am ready for any holiday parties if James and manage to get the same day off when one is scheduled, ha-ha!

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doomytunes said...

Hope the guitar thing works for you. It's a big stress reliever for me.